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Sky Scrapers

Private Equity

We play a vital role in helping turn small companies into professionally-run organizations. We uncover and unlock value by identifying great companies with untapped potential and enhancing their performance.

Our investment approach is based on a disciplined due diligence process that measures risk while identifying the catalysts for increased value. We engage only in friendly transactions and work with talented management teams and entrepreneurs to achieve positive results.

Business Meeting

Organize, Optimize, Grow

We believe it takes more than financial engineering to grow a company, which is why we are disciplined in executing on our methodology of growing small businesses. Identifying the opportunity to organize, optimize, and grow a small business is the foundation that drives our investment decisions.

We strive to create value by investing in great businesses where our capital, strategic insight, global relationships and operational support can drive transformation.

Shaking Hands

Management Teams

Our best investments are those where we can collaborate with existing management teams to help in the long-term growth of the companies we invest in. Great management teams build great companies and employ more people.

Our Strategy




Our investment philosophy can be condensed to three key words; Organize, Optimize, and Grow.

Partnering with great management teams, we look for opportunities that will significantly benefit from the operational and strategic expertise we posses. 

We take a long-term, fundamental approach to investing and believe value is created through the implementation of an actionable growth strategy and operational improvements.



We like companies with $1 million - $10 million of annual EBITDA.

Investment Type:

Control Investments


Main operations in U.S. but may have business in other countries.

Other Considerations:

Founder-led or family-owned businesses with experienced 2nd tier management in place.

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