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Grayscale works with a select group of entrepreneurs to help them find and acquire excellent companies and transition them successfully as CEOs. Selected applicants to Grayscale's 2024 cohort will begin searching in the Spring of 2024.

Grayscale starts by selecting a cohort of highly talented entrepreneurs who have the skills, character and ability to be outstanding CEOs of small companies.


Selected Searchers will then be flown out to our Headquarters in Dallas, TX for a super Saturday kickoff event to meet the Partners at Grayscale, and their cohort. 

After completing an intense 3-week virtual boot camp, Grayscale searchers quickly ramp up their search and focus on interacting with business owners.

While managing their own team and directing their own search, searchers have unlimited mentoring and advising from Grayscale’s team, other searchers and CEOs, and Grayscale’s network of advisors. Searchers focus on working with potential sellers. Our team recruits and trains analysts and interns for our searchers. We help our searchers grow and manage their pipeline and quickly evaluate targets. We also assist in preparing offers, designing capital structures, conducting due diligence, and working with sellers, lawyers, accountants and bankers to close the deal.

When our entrepreneurs are ready to acquire a business, Grayscale's equity partners, including Grayscale, will provide 100% of the equity for the transaction. As searchers and CEOs, Grayscale entrepreneurs benefit from working with a dedicated team that they know and trust.

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